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Focusing on Kyoto lacquer ware with the aim of revitalizing traditional crafts. We are currently working to increase awareness of Kyoto lacquer ware and increase demand.

For the purpose of regional co-creation of Gose city located in the central part of Nara prefecture, we will work with residents to develop a town.

We work with local farmers to become a role model for regional revival in the Shitsukawa district of Tanba Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Prevent disasters in west Japan

We will grasp the "now" of smaller companies and connect to the future.

In order to protect the natural environment, we cooperate with the Town Development Division in Satoyama, Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, to protect nature's diversity!

We will reconsider the ideals of modern Japanese welfare. We work to make welfare more familiar to local people.

We aim to increase motivation for the future by creating opportunities for students to have more options in their lives

We conduct interviews with people living on the street and engage in activities to deepen their understanding of society.

For international students looking to get a job in Japan, we have a seminar where they can learn about job hunting and interact with the president of a small business!


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